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APA Referencing (APA 6th edition): Reference List Example

Referencing help and examples for using the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style.

Example of a Reference List

 Reference List

10 years of Dolce & Gabbana. (1996). Milan : Leonardo Arte

Abbey. (2008, December 19). Herald Sun, p. 25.

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Nicholson, W. (Writer), & Attenborough, R. (Director).(1998 ).Shadowlands [DVD]. New York: HBO Home Video.

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Professional Email etiquette. (2010). [DVD]. Mill Valley, California: Kantola Productions.

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The Wedgwood Museum.(n.d.). About us. Retrieved January 29, 2009, from

Turner, J. (1844) Rain, steam, and speed - The Great Western Railway [image]. Retrieved from

Vuk, J. (2009, December 19). Brodie's death a warning to small business. The Age. Retrieved from

You, S., Cheng, S. & Yan, H. (2009). The impact of textile industry on China's environment. International Journal of Fashion Design,Technology and Education, 2(1) : pp. 33-43. Retrieved from EBSCOhost - Textile Technology Complete.


Points to note:

  • Generally only a single place of publication is required in the reference list/bibliography for each item
  • All lines after the first line in each individual reference should be indented by 1.25cm.
  • You may want to clarify less common places of publication  by adding the state, county or country name at the end e.g. Woodbridge, Suffolk  or Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Check with your teacher if this is acceptable
  • If you do add names for clarification, make sure you do this consistently throughout your list.
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