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Fashion - sustainable fashion and ethical design : Books and DVDs in the Library

Resources in the Library and on the Internet about sustainable and ethical design. Includes a section on sustainable and ethical fashion.

DVDs and Videos

 DVDs dealing with issues of sustainability and ethics in design held at the Library:

  • A Dollar a Day Dress
    • VC 338.47677 DOL
    • A group of London fashion students work together to produce an outfit to symbolise the plight of millions who live on a dollar a day.
  • Design for Sustainability
    • VC 745.2 DES
    • From the back cover: "Sustainable design is the art of designing physical objects to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability, reducing use of non-renewable resources, minimising environmental impact and relating people with the natural environment.  In this program we'll look at the principles of sustainability in design; the negative effects of waste - an Australian case study; minimising wastage; and examples of sustainable design in architecture, fashion design and graphic design and printing."
  • Eco Fashion: Is Green the New Black?
    • VC 391 ECO
    • A review of fashion comsumption, design and production in the light of environmental concerns.
  • Eco-Luxury: Fashion and Conscience
    • VC 746.92092
    • A DVD looking at the work of Charlene O'Brien, an international eco textile designer who works in Australia.

Widen Your Search

Sustainable and ethical design resources are found in the design, business, fashion and apparel productions sections of the Library.  

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