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Fashion - sustainable fashion and ethical design : Searching for Information

Resources in the Library and on the Internet about sustainable and ethical design. Includes a section on sustainable and ethical fashion.

Before you start

  • Before you start, do some thinking.  Look at the assignment your teacher has given you and underline the key words.
  • On a piece of paper, write out the main ideas that you want to investigate.  A mindmap could be a help.
  • Try to make a list of keywords that you can use.

Keywords are just the beginning

Take your keywords and try to think of:
synonyms and similar words or phrases
alternate spellings (watch out for US spellings)

Here's an example: If you were searching for information on "environmentally friendly cardboard boxes" you could also search using these terms:

eco-friendly/sustainable/green containers/boxes/cartons

Your search will be more effective if you also use:

broader and narrower terms

Some examples of these for a search on "environmentally friendly packaging" are:
- paper and board based products
- packaging
- paper recycling

What kind of Sources?

You need to look for information from sources that are:

  • legal (watch out for copyright issues)
  • reliable
  • researched

Start at the Library because the books, dvds, magazines and online databases have been chosen by your teachers and the librarians.  If you want to search the Internet, read the next section.

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