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Science and Biotechnology: Electronic resources

An introduction to resources for BSB03 Bachelor of Science and Biotechnology.


Author/organisation’s name, Year, Page title in italics, Retrieved: date accessed it, from: specific website address (best to copy and paste to ensure accuracy.)


Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2005, RNA Diversity, Retrieved: October 30, 2008 from

If there’s no date?

Put [n.d.] where you would usually put the year. (This applies to all forms of resource where a date cannot be found.)

Article from a database

Surname, Initials. Year, ‘Article title in inverted commas’, Journal title in italics, volume or issue of publication as listed on the Journal or database record, page number, Retrieved: Date you accessed it, From: name of database you used to find the article.


Werner, K. 2004, ‘Human pharmacogenomics: The development of a science', Human Genomics, vol. 1, no. 5, pp. 375-381, Retrieved: October 30, 2008, from Proquest Biology Journals.

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