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Setting Up and Marketing a Small Business for Design Students: Resources on the Internet

This Library Guide contains information about resources in the Library and on the Internet about Small Business.

Getting Started With Websites

Checking out Websites

Websites can be created by anyone so you need to choose your sources carefully.  When you are using a website for your studies, it's worth thinking about some of the following ideas:

·     Who's responsible for the website? 

Do you think a website sponsored by a tobacco company is going to give you unbiased information on smoking?  Is the website for a fashion house a reliable place to find out how well their last season's designs were received?  Check out the domain type, e.g. .com websites are usually interested in selling you something; .edu and .gov may be safer options for unbiased information.

·     When was the website created or last updated?

If a website has not been updated recently, it may mean that the information is not up-to-date and it may mean that the website is no longer relevant

·     Are there any spelling or grammatical mistakes?

This is sometimes an indication that the person writing the website may not have the skills to evaluate and present information. 

·     Does the writer on the website give good reasons for what he/she says?

In the end, you have to decide whether the information is useful or not.  Does the writer provide evidence to back up what is on the website?  Can you find other places where this is discussed?

·     What's your opinion of these websites?


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