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Copyright and plagiarism for corporate writers: Tips for sourcing quotes and information

How do you name who's responsible?

Citing material used –

Specifying who is responsible for the content,

and when & how the material was published or distributed

Direct quote: Identify the material used by using quotation marks, if less than a sentence or two. Use a different font for a block quote of a paragraph or more. Allude to or name the source. Give the details of the source in a footnote, endnote or bibliography.

Indirect quote, or use of information sourced elsewhere: Indicate the author/s and publication year in the text. Give the details of the source in a footnote, endnote or bibliography.

Literary allusion: Name the author, without breaking the flow. Give further details of the source in a footnote or endnote.

Link to a web page: Rather than quoting a webpage, have you considered linking to it? This will maintain its integrity and ensure your reader accesses the latest version. If you link from your own page, it’s good practice to

  • Open each link in a new window 
  • Give a disclaimer reminding the reader that you do not have responsibility or control over external websites
  • Check regularly for broken links    

Who's responsible for a web page?

Who is the author of a web page, or responsible for its contents?

  • Scan the headings, by-lines, and text, for a personal author.
  • If personal authorship is not indicated, consider nominating a corporate author (the company, educational body or government department responsible).

Who has copyright?

  • This is usually at the foot of the home page.

Are there any other indications of responsibility or ownership?

  • There may be useful information at the About link.
  • A pdf or other file linked from the web page may have information such as author/s, where it was sourced from or copied from, and rights attribution.
  • A well-constructed web page may have been given Dublin Core metadata in the source code. Look for DC.creator, DC.contributor or DC.publisher.

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