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APA Referencing (APA 6th edition): Image

Referencing help and examples for using the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style.

Images/Illustrations in a Book

In some cases you may want to refer to an illustration, image or photo in a book or to the information in the caption.  Treat these just as you would  written text.  The following example is of an unnamed piece of sixties art, which has a strong reference back to the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley. 

In-text citation:

The mid 1960s saw a revivial of interest in, and reference back to, artwork from the end of the previous century, for example the drawings of Aubrey Beardsley (Gorman, 2001, p. 69).

Reference list:

Gorman, P. (2001). The look: adventures in pop & rock fashion. London : Sanctuary Publishing

An Image on the Internet

An image that has an author/creator and date:

In-text citation:

Some of the excitement and alarm that rail travel caused are captured by Turner (1844) in his painting of the Great Western Railway. 

Reference list:

Turner, J. (1844). Rain, steam, and speed - The Great Western Railway [image]. Retrieved from

An image that has no author/creator and no date:

In-text citation:

This photograph " Aero grass" captures the varieties of green in the grass (Aero grass, n.d.).

Reference list:

Aero grass.(n.d.). [photograph] Neo Smart Image Gallery. Retrieved from

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