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Australia’s only magazine written for and targeted purely at the most senior HR professionals (CHRO ’s & HR Directors) and top corporate decision makers.

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HRM Guide publishes articles and news about HR surveys, employment law, human resource research, HR books and careers that bridge the
gap between theory and practice.

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Journals via databases

Human Resource Management International Digest  -- Access via Emerald eJournals Premier 2002-02-01 - present

Human Resource Management Journal -- Access via Business Source Premier 2004-03-01 - present (Full Text Delay: 1 year)

Workforce Solutions Review  --  Access via Business Source Premier 2013-08-01 - present

HRMagazine  -- Access via Business Source Premier 1994-01-01 - present

Human Resources Magazine -- Access via Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus 2004-06-01 - present

Personnel Review  -- Access via Emerald eJournals Premier 1994-02-01 - present

Training  -- Access via Business Source Premier 2000-01-01 - present

Journal Articles

Following articles are from library catalogue. Use this link to search subject headings in RED or any of you wish to find articles.

Managers' employment issues: international comparisons between Australia and Britain.
This analyses managers' education and development, employment trends, unemployment, recruitment and selection processes, human resource planning, job mobility, career success routes, pay and fringe benefits, and managerial unionization.

The future of careers at the intersection of Climate Change and Public Health: What can job postings and an employer survey tell us?
Current employers value skills/competencies such as the knowledge of climate mitigation/adaptation, climate-health justice, direct/indirect and downstream effects of climate on health impact assessment, risk assessment, pollution- health; consequences and causes, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, communication/writing, finance/economics, policy analysis, systems thinking, and interdisciplinary understanding.

Performance Appraisal
Effectiveness of the individual performance appraisal within the RAN
Individual Performance Appraisal (IPA) is a central function of Human Resource Management. IPA is, however, no longer contained within the framework of HRM. Its influence on the strategic business policies of organisations has increased dramatically during the last ten years with more and more credibility and value given to performance appraisal outcomes.


Performance appraisal problems in the public sector
This addresses that gap in the literature by examining supervisors' perceptions of individual employee performance appraisal in the U.S. in an attempt to identify structural and operational problems

Assessment, feedback and the alchemy of learning
Successfully blending assessment and feedback demands clarity of purpose, support for learners, and a system and organisational commitment to a culture of improvement rather than a culture of performance.