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Research Skills

Information to help students find, write, evaluate and reference information for their assignments.


Box Hill Institute Library's main catalogue is known as Discovery. It lets you search the library's physical items (e.g. books, DVDs and magazines) as well as many of our electronic resources (eBooks,ejournals, theses and conferences papers) at the same time. This section of the guide provides tips to help you to search Discovery effectively.

Using the Discovery Catalogue

Using Discovery - Video transcript

Searching the Discovery catalogue at Box Hill Institute Library

The Discovery catalogue allows you to search the on-shelf collection of Box Hill Institute Library as well as many of our electronic resources, including e-books and online journal articles

This is the basic search screen.

From here you can search by keyword, title or author.

Let’s do a search for project management. I have used quotation marks around the terms so they will be searched as a phrase.

As you can see this search returns a large number of results as it includes both on-shelf and online items.

To exclude online journal articles from your results, tick the box next to catalogue only.

 This limits your search results to physical items on our shelves,  plus eBooks and streaming videos in our collection.

Physical items generally appear towards the top of the search results. The type of item is shown by the icon or cover picture and label on the left side.

Basic details of each item are given, followed by the location information. This shows the Library location, call number on the shelf and the status of the item such as on shelf, on loan or online.    Online items can be accessed by clicking on the title and then the URL.

If you would like to place a reservation on any item, click Retrieve catalogue item to place a hold.

You can refine and limit your search results on the left side of the screen

You can limit your results to full text for online journal articles, select ‘peer reviewed’ to get  articles from academic  scholarly journals or limit the publication date of items retrieved using the scroll bar or entering dates in the boxes.

Let’s limit the items retrieved to 2015 onwards.

There are many other limits you can use to refine your search Such as Subject and Source type  Click on show more to see a complete list of options. Tick the options you would like included in your results

This example limits our search to conference papers

Current limiters are shown at the top of screen.

To remove a limit simply click on the x next to the limiter

For online journal articles or reports, a PDF or HTML icon shows if full text access is available

You can click on this to read the article online OR click on the article title for more information and options

From here you can print, save or email the items or open them and read the full text

Click on the cite button to get a citation of the article to use in your reference list or bibliography. You can choose a format such as APA or Harvard style but please note the format may differ slightly from the Box Hill Institute style. Please refer to our Referencing LibGuides for more information.

You can add items to a folder to store them during your session. Let’s add this item to the folder (by clicking on add to folder) and return to the results list to add some others.

Click on the blue folder icon to add items to the folder. Items that have been added show as a yellow folder.

You can see the items in your folder by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen

You can print or save the items from the folder, or email it to yourself. Clicking on the boxes to select items, or pick select all. Tick the boxes to attach the PDF files, or include the html full text of documents in the email.

You can choose a brief or detailed citation and format it in your chosen style.

(Show – subject field project management articles and SEND)

Discovery also allows you to select advanced search. This allows you to search within different fields of the record and easily combine terms using AND   OR or   NOT to expand or narrow your search.


(project  management  )– Title

AND  Librar*  AB

  AND    Australia

The asterisk is a truncation symbol  *  - it allows you to search terms that beginning with set letters,  but that have different endings . This example will search for library, libraries, librarians and librarianship etcetera

This gives you a broader set of search results  PAUSE

To conduct a new search, click on New Search in the top navigation bar.

Discovery Online Help is also available in the top toolbar

For more information drop into any branch of the library, emails us on or call 9286 9283.

Electronic resources that do not appear in Discovery

Not all of Box Hill Institute's electronic resources can be searched via the Discovery catalogue. 

In other cases you will need to select the appropriate link from the library's databases page

 The next section of this guide gives information to help you effectively search Box Hill Institute's databases.