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Fashion - menswear

Yohji Yamamoto: “Designing men’s clothing is very difficult for me” | V&A


Visionary designer Yohji Yamamoto has made a vital contribution to fashion, challenging the traditional norms of clothing with his avant-garde style. Shot in his Tokyo studio in 2011, in this video he reflects on a 30 year career in fashion. The influential and enigmatic designer speaks about his creative values, considers how his work has evolved since his Paris debut and explains why he designs so differently for men and women. This film was originally produced for the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition, on display March – July 2011. Interview questions: Yamamoto on first showcasing his work in Paris: 0:18 Designing differently for men and women: 02:13 What motivates you to keep designing?: 04:39 What do you think of fashion now?: 05:34 What makes you happy?: 06:37

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