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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Information sources for students studying refrigeration and air-conditioning

Online refrigeration videos

Access the following online videos via StudentWeb (scroll down to find the right collection). Use is restricted to Box Hill Institute staff and students.


TAFE South Australia Refrigeration and Air conditioning videos.

Disc 1 -  Getting the picture; Technical sketching, Isometric drawing (start); Simple orthographic drawing; Heat and Pressure, Basic refrigeration cycle, Air conditioning; Industrial refrigeration; History of refrigeration

Disc 2 -  Instruments (air flow measurement); Copper tubework (cutting and bending); Copper tubework (silver brazing); Copper tubework (flaring and swaging); Fitting gauges; Leak detecting; Marking out sheet metal; Cutting and bending sheet metal 

Disc 3 - According to plan; Soft soldering; The tool box; Gas welding; Hand tools -assembly; Hand tools: Cutting hand tools

Disc 4 - Driers; Evacuation; Thermostats; Relative to what?; Refrigerant charging; Fan installation; Sounds like noise; Doing it right; The trouble shooters

Disc 5- Fuse ratings; The good earth; Basic electrical effects; Ohms Law; Series and parallel circuits; Wiring diagrams and circuits; Control circuits - domestic refrigeration; The electro-magnetic effect; Moving coil meters (the multi meter); Electric motors (single phase);Three phase motors

Disc 6 - Installation planning; EPR and CPR valves; Belts and Couplings; Coolroom installation; Fault finding [sealed units]; Pressure control setting; Reciprocating compressors; It's in the book; Defrost controls

Disc 7 -  Reverse cycle air-conditioning; Compressor overhaul; Charging a restrictor system; TX Valve Adjustment; Reading refrigerant gauges; Filters; Reading site drawings; Job planning; Fans and Airflo; Air conditioning maintenance; The controlling factor; Commercial installation

Disc 8 -  Food storage conditions; Industrial refrigeration; Air conditioning commissioning; Refrigerant recovery; The conversion factor; 123- The chilling factor


Refrigerant Reclaim Australia videos

  • Don't give the world a hangover: Professional AC servicing and gas management

  • Something to think about

Online plan reading video