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Guide on Using and accessing the eBooks at BHI Libraries

Downloading the eBook

Before downloading an eBook you'll need to have Adobe Digital Editions on your computer

Select the appropriate version and Install the Adobe Digital Edition. This is a separate application to Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. This allows the transfer of eBooks to multiple devices.

Features of EBL eBooks

Full text search

Access online or download to read offline on computers or any other devices

Create bookmarks and add notes

Read aloud 

Printing and copying

Each book - 

copying is limited to 5%

printing is limited to 20%  

Before you copy or print you need to create a loan. Adobe Reader  is required in order to print and copy the content.

Click on     icon on the blue toolbar and then Yes to create loan. 

EBL Print screen will tally the remaining balances of your allocation.


About Ebook Central eBooks

Ebook Central eBooks library is one of the biggest collections available for Box Hill staff and students. It has a wide selection of eBooks in many subject areas including business, nursing, engineering, science etc. 

These eBooks are available in PDF and ePUB format.    

Click Ebook Central eBooks to access eBooks subscribed by Box Hill Institute

you must log in with your student ID / staff ID and password to open the Ebook Central Library.

You can browse the book for 10 minutes before you have the option of borrowing the book online for 1 -7 day period (The loan is for statistical purpose only). When the loan expires you can create a new loan to continue accessing.

Many of the Ebook Central eBooks bought by the library allow multiple concurrent user access at any time. 

eBooks Tutorial

Sample eBook