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Fashion: Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Information about Library and Internet resources for fashion students.

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Championing a sustainable, ethically-produced and gender-neutral approach to fashion design, Rahemur Rahman makes clothes "for the people who dream in colour". We paid a visit to his east-London studio to hear about his influences, inspiration, and to see him craft a tailored jacket and trouser ensemble, with fabric hand-dyed and block-printed by his collaborators in Bangladesh.

Video - Textiles Environmental Impacts

Textiles Environmental Impacts

Filmed in Bangladesh, one of the world's largest textile manufacturers, this resource explores the social cost of our cheap textiles. With footage filmed inside a number of Bangladeshi textile factories, it explores the issues of sweatshop labour, poor working conditions, a fair wage and the right to unionise and asks who is responsible? It then compares the social impacts of this mass-scale textiles production with the benefits brought to a small rural community in Bangladesh by a fair trade textile initiative.

Textile and Fibres


  • Centre for Sustainable Fashion - a website from the London College of Fashion
  • Ethical Fashion Forum - a trade association for the fashion industry, led by businesses and focused on social and environmental sustainability.
  • Fair Labor Association - aims to combine the efforts of industry, civil society organizations, and colleges and universities to protect workers’ rights and improve working conditions worldwide.
  • Labour Behind the Label - an organisation aimed at supporting garment workers' rights.  Some interesting information in the Resources section. 
  • Social Accountability International - aims to promote human rights for workers around the world.
  • War on Want - for information on sweatshop workers, including some reports.