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Learning English: EAL / AMEP: Referencing 2 (Intermediate)

A library guide for students learning English.

Edited book

Surname, Initials. (ed.) Year, Title in italics, Edition (if not the first), Publisher’s name, Place of publication.


Knight, A. (ed.) 2004, The Australian study dictionary and thesaurus, 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Vic.

A journal/magazine article

 Surname, Initials, Year. ‘Article title in inverted commas’, Journal title in italics, Volume or issue of publication as listed on the Journal, page number(s).

Rogers, K. 2003, 'Dingo - Killer? Victim? Or an essential part of the Australian landscape?', Animals Today,
 vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 18-19.

A newspaper article

Newspaper Article with Author

Nicolas, Y. 2009, 'Heading overseas for lessons on life', The Age, March 14, p. 15.

Newspaper Article with no Author

'City centre to stage a welcome for international students', 2009, Illawarra Mercury, February 24, p. 20.