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APA Referencing
by Susannah Ball - Last Updated May 30, 2017
Referencing help and examples for using the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style.
Tags: american_psychological_association, apa, bibliographies, citations, cite, referencing
Careers and Employment
by Susannah Ball, Mark Suares - Last Updated Oct 9, 2017
Information on careers, job skills, resume and interview skills.
Tags: art, careers, employee, employer, employment, human_resources, jobs
Fashion - menswear
by Susannah Ball, Susan Jenkins - Last Updated Oct 4, 2017
Resources on the Internet and in the Library on men's fashion.
Tags: 20th_century_fashion, brands, designers, fashion, fashion houses, fashion_business, labels
Network Security
by Jane Adams, Susannah Ball - Last Updated May 29, 2017
A guide for Students studying Network Security
Nutrition and Dietetics
by Susannah Ball - Last Updated Sep 20, 2016
nutrition diet obesity, anorexia food food industry food standards public health weight weight control
Tags: aged_care, health, health behaviours
by Susannah Ball - Last Updated Oct 9, 2016
pathology specimen collection diseases, infection control, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, parthophyiology
Tags: health, infection control anatomy physiology, nursing
Research Skills
by Susannah Ball, Jill Perkins - Last Updated Aug 20, 2017
Information to help students find, write, evaluate and reference information for their assignments.
Tags: evaluation, information_sources, plagiarism, referencing, research skills, search strategies, writing_documents
Work education
by Susannah Ball - Last Updated May 2, 2016
job finding, literacy, numeracy, life skills, personal development
Tags: job skills, literacy, numeracy, personal skills, responsibilities, rights, using computers, work education
Youth Services
by Susannah Ball - Last Updated Oct 9, 2016
A guide to library and information resources on Youth Services.
Tags: youth_services

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