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IEEE Referencing: Website or Web Document

Explanation and examples for IEEE referencing style


General format:

The most basic format for a website reference is:

 [Ref #]             Author(s) Initial(s). Surname(s), "Page title." Website name in italics, Date of publication. [Online]. Available: URL [Accessed Mon. day, year].



 [1]     D. Holland, "Finding the building blocks of wood." Pursuit, University of Melbourne, Jun. 6, 2018. [Online]. Available: [Accessed Jun. 13, 2019].

[2] "Department of Education and Training Victoria",, 2019. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 02- Oct- 2019].


  • Include the initials and surname of all authors
  • The author may be an organisation.
  • Where there are multiple authors, use commas between each name, and precede the final name with 'and'
  • Use a descriptive phrase, if the site does not have a formal title.
  • Use (n.d) if no date of publication is available
  • Take care to use the correct punctuation, as shown above
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