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IEEE Referencing

Explanation and examples for IEEE referencing style

Online videos eg. YouTube

General format

 [Ref #] Video Owner/Creator, Location (if available). Title of Video: In Initial Caps. (Release date). Accessed: Month Day, Year. [Online Video]. Available: 


[1] Doane Academy, Burlington, NJ, USA. Second Grade Bossy R. (Feb. 28, 2013). Accessed: Jun. 3, 2018. [Online Video]. Available: I. 

Social Media

General format

 [Ref #] A. A. Author. "Page Title." Website or Platform Title. Date Accessed. [Online]. Available: Web Address.


[1] P. Cream, “Running around my office.” Twitter. Accessed Apr. 1, 2023. [Online.] Available:


Social media platforms include Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, WeChat, Weibo and LinkedIn and Twitter

For informal websites (such as home page or fan websites) or websites without formal titles, descriptive phrases may be used in place of page or website titles.


General format

[Ref #] A. A. Artist , Credit, and B. B. Artist, Credit, "Title of episode," Title of Programme: Subtitle, Date of recording, Year.  Place of recording: Publisher. [Format]. Available: Internet address. [Accessed: Month Day, Year].


[1] R. Anderson, Speaker, Leadership Below, 2010. Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture. Murdoch (WA); 2010. [Podcast]. Available: [Accessed Aug. 5, 2010].

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