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IEEE Referencing: Online citation generators

Explanation and examples for IEEE referencing style

Online Help with Citations

Would they help me correctly & easily format my references?

Online citation generators will help you correctly format your references. With some sites you need to enter all the resource details (i.e. author, title, date, etc.). However, on the better sites, the title or ISBN alone will bring up a pre-stored citation. Online citation generators are particularly useful when it comes to citing unusual items such as blogs and interviews.


While these are excellent tools, YOU are responsible for checking the accuracy of the citations.

  1. Check which referencing style is requested by your teacher - Harvard, APA or IEEE. See below for information about which edition BHI specifies.

  2. Check and edit the generated bibliography for errors. Pay special attention to personal names, capitalization, and dates

  3. Adjust the generators’ results to match those in the BHI Harvard, APA or IEEE LibGuides.

Busy desk image from Wikimedia Commons in public domain

Example: Cite This For Me

Below is a citation generator that Box Hill Institute library staff have found useful. It

  • Is free. It does not require any downloading

  • Will store your bibliography details allowing you to retrieve them and add to them at a later date

  • Will create In-text citations

  • Can generate results in Harvard, APA & IEEE  referencing styles

  • Provides versions of Harvard, APA & IEEE  acceptable to BHI such as APA (6th edition)

  • Allows barcode scanning by smartphones


Cite This For Me with its video tutorial. Please select "IEEE".

Referencing using Word & Discovery catalogue

Here are two other assistants that can be used to create Reference Lists:

  1. Microsoft Word – The top toolbar has a tab called “References”. Click for instructions.

  2. BHI Discovery catalogue – The catalogue will provide you with a citation to paste into your document. Once you have found an item, select ‘Cite’ from the options at the right. EBSCOhost has a video tutorial of how to cite one document. It also explains how to use a ‘folder’ to do multiple citations.

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