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IEEE Referencing: Online Journal/Magazine Article

Explanation and examples for IEEE referencing style

Online Journal or Magazine Article

General format:

[Ref #]             A. Author, "Title of Article," Title of Journal, vol., no., p. page numbers, month year. [Format]. Available: Database or magazine name, internet address [Accessed: date of access].



[1]  A. Holub, "Is software engineering an oxymoron?" Software Development Times, p. 28+, Mar. 2005. [Online]. Available: ProQuest One Academic, [Accessed May 23, 2014].

[2]  A. Vaskuri, H. Baumgartner, P. Kärhä, G. Andor, and E. Ikonen, "Modeling the spectral shape of InGaAlP-based red light-emitting diodes," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 118, no. 20, pp. 203103-1203103-7, Jul. 2015. Accessed on: Feb. 9, 2017. [Online]. Available doi: 10.1063/1.4936322



  • Include the initials and surname of all authors. Where there are multiple authors, use commas between each name, and precede the final name with 'and'
  • Put the journal title and the volume and issue numbers in italics 
  • Include page numbers
  • Take care to use the correct punctuation, as shown above
  • Note the differences in format and punctuation from an equivalent print journal
  • The internet address should be the home address of the database, or online magazine that the magazine appears in, rather than the URL of the particular article
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