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APA Referencing (APA 7th edition)

This guide shows students and staff how to reference using the APA Referencing style.

General points

In text citations
  • In text citations follow the same basic format for all resources - Work the author of the work (as specified below)  and the year into the body of your work.
  • Page numbers must be included for direct quotations, and can also be provided for paraphrases. 
  • For information, refer to the In-text citations page of this guide.

Examples of in-text citations: 

Hassan (2019) suggests that...


Premier Andrews has advised Victorians to stay home this weekend (Colangelo, 2020).


Reference lists
  • Dates for news articles should include the year, month and day. If a date cannot be found, use (n.d.) in the date field

  • Reference lists should be arranged in alphabetical order by author. All lines after the first line in each individual reference should be indented by 1.25cm. For more information on setting out your reference list, refer to the 'Reference List Example' page of this guide.

  • Where the work does not have an author, use the item's title in the author's field, followed by a full stop. An example of this is shown in the print article section below.
  • URLs can be presented either as hyperlinks (usually blue font, or blue font, underlined) or as plain text, not underlined.

Article from an online database

When referencing a newspaper article from an online database, such as EBSCO Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre Plus, the name of the database is not included as part of the reference. In this case, follow the rules for referencing an article from a print newspaper given below. If the page numbers are not given, remove that portion of your reference. 

Article from an online newspaper or online news website

Author's surname, Initials. (Year, month day). Article title. Publication name in italics. URL.

Sewell, D. (2020, April 20). Key Democrat in all-important Ohio endorses Biden for president. The Age.

Article from a printed newspaper

Article with an author or authors

Author's surname, Initials. (Year, month day). Article title. Publication name in italics, page numbers.

Cooper, A., & Le Grand, C. (2020, April 8). Pell walks free. The Age, 1,4.


Article without an author

Article title. (Year, month day). Publication name in italics, page numbers.

Raab tapped to carry out PM's duties 'where necessary.' (2020, April 8). The Age, 17.

Editorial from a newspaper

Editorials from newspapers should follow the rules given above, but should also include [Editorial] immediately after the title of the article.

Where the author is known:

Author's surname, Initials. (Year, month day). Article title [Editorial]. Publication name in italics, pages. URL.

Where the author is not known:

Article title [Editorial]. (Year, month day). Publication name in italics, pages. URL


Crisis exposes the reality of industry super [Editorial]. (2020, April 6). Financial Review.

For articles in print publications, omit the URL. The pages can also be omitted if not known.