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APA Referencing (APA 7th edition)

This guide shows students and staff how to reference using the APA Referencing style.

General rules

Reference lists should:

  • start on a fresh page;
  • be headed "References" in bold text, centred;
  • be double spaced;
  • be indented by 1.25cm after the first line of each individual reference;
  • be arranged in alphabetical order by author.

Include the names of all authors in your reference list.

  • The author's surname should be listed first, followed by a comma, and then their initials, separated by full stops e.g. Gervasoni, I.J.
  • Authors should be written in the same order that they appear in on the publication
  • Where there are multiple authors,  place a comma between the names of each author. The final author's name should also be preceded by an '&' e.g. Field, J.K., & Grist, P.D.
  • Where materials are written by organisations, use the organisation's name in full in the author field e.g. Box Hill Institute.
  • Alphabetise works where the author is not known by the resource's title, excluding any words such as 'The', 'By' or 'Of' at the start of the title.
  • Alphabetise numbers written with digits as if they were written in full e.g. 10 years would appear alphabetically under t for ten.
  • Note that the order of given name and family name can vary in different cultures - when using APA referencing style, you should always start the reference with the author's family name. 
  • References for more than one work by the same author, should be arranged in ascending date order:
    • Garvey, P. (n.d.).
    • Garvey, P. (2018).
    • Garvey, P. (2020a). Aardvark.....
    • Garvey, P. (2020b). Zoological...
      The two final references here, which are both published in the same year, are alphabetised by title. Include the additional 'a' or 'b' in your in text citation. 

Reference list example


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