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Harvard Referencing

This guide shows students and staff how to reference using the Harvard Referencing style.

Legal Case

In-text Citation

"The Victorian WorkCover Authority brought the case (Victorian WorkCover Authority v Commonwealth of Australia 2004) before the..."

Reference List

Victorian WorkCover Authority v Commonwealth of Australia 2004, VSC 474, Retrieved:13 December, 2010, from


In-text Citation

When you are referring to Legislation, use the section of the Act rather than page numbers e.g. "The Commonwealth's Copyright Act (1968, s.45) states that..."

Reference List

Include the name of the act, the year and the jurisdiction (e.g. Cth for Commonwealth/Australian legislation, Vic for Victorian Legislation)

For print:

Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). 

For electronic:

Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), Retrieved: 9 December 2010, from


In-text Citation

Karthikeyan, Langmaid, Reed, and Ryan (2007) placed a patent...

Reference List

Karthikeyan, R., Langmaid, R.R., Reed, R.J & Ryan, R.G. 2007, Library label and a storage system, Australian Patent 2007262658.

 Use the name/s of the inventors as the author's name. The year is the year that the patent was filed.


In-text Citation.

"The identifiers set out by the Standards Association (Standards Association of Australia 2004) help to..."

Reference List

Standards Association of Australia 2004, Information and documentation - International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISIL)(AS/NZS ISO 15511-2004), Standards Australia International, North Sydney, Retrieved:13 December 2013, from