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Harvard Referencing

This guide shows students and staff how to reference using the Harvard Referencing style.

Example of a Reference List

Reference List

10 years of Dolce & Gabbana 1996, Leonardo Arte, Milan.

'Abbey’ 2008, Herald Sun, 19 December, p.25.

Allwood, J.M., Laursen, S., Malvido de Rodriguez, C. & Bocken, N. 2006, Well dressed?: the present and future sustainability of clothing and textiles in the United Kingdom [PDF], Retrieved: 29 January, 2020,

Amies, H. 1960, Epigram, cocktail dress, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Bressler, K., Newman, K. & Proctor, G. 1998, A century of lingerie: revealing the secrets and allure of 20th century lingerie, Universal International, Gordon, NSW.

Chin, R. 2006, History of typography: history of digital font [PowerPoint slides], Retrieved: 29 January, 2009, from,7,Typography and Print: Creating Type 

Clark, H. 2005, 'Second hand fashion in Hong Kong', in Old clothes, new looks: second hand fashion, A. Palmer & H. Clark (eds), Berg Publishers, Oxford.

Coch, C. 2008, 'Longquan celadon: a revival', Ceramics Monthly, November, pp. 42-45.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications - Office for the Arts n.d., Resale royalty scheme, Retrieved: 4 May, 2020, from

Gaudernack, G.C. 1907, Plique a jour, enamelled vase, Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo.

Gorman, P. 2001, The look: adventures in pop & rock fashion, Sanctuary Publishing Ltd, London.

Kennedy, K. 2009, 'What Size Am I? Decoding Women's Clothing Standards', Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 511-530, Retrieved: 12 November, 2010, from Ebscohost - Textile Technology Complete, DOI: 10.2752/175174109X467512 

McDonough, W. & Braungart, M. 2002, Cradle to cradle: remaking the way we make things, North Point Press, New York.

Money, L. 2008, 'A stitch in time', The Age, December 19, p. 24.

Niessen, S., Leshkowich, A. & Jones, C. (eds) 2003, Re-orienting fashion: the globalization of Asian dress, Berg Publishers, Oxford.

Sketches of Frank Gehry 2006, [DVD] Hopscotch Entertainment, Los Angeles.

Stemp, S. 2007, Jean Muir: beyond fashion, Antique Collectors' Club, Woodbridge.

The Wedgwood Museum n.d., About us, Retrieved: 29 January, 2020, from

The world's greatest photography course: your pictures will be better than you ever dreamed possible! 1990, [videorecording], VidAmerica, New York.

Points to note:

  • Generally only a single place of publication is required in the reference list/bibliography for each item
  • You may want to clarify less common places of publication  by adding the state, county or country name at the end e.g. Woodbridge, Suffolk  or Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Check with your teacher if this is acceptable
  • If you do add names for clarification, make sure you do this consistently throughtout your reference list/bibliography