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Harvard Referencing

This guide shows students and staff how to reference using the Harvard Referencing style.

Basic Procedure for other reference types

If you are using a resource type that is not covered in this guide, you still need to provide a reference for it.

As a first step, try browsing the guide to find something similar to use as a model, and build your reference around this. You need to make sure that you include something to identify:

  • Who created the work (author)
  • When it was created (date)
  • What it is (title, edition)
  • Where (publisher, magazine edition, URL)

The most important thing is to clearly identify the resource so that someone can find it themselves.

If you would like another resource type added to the guide, request it via the comments field on this page.


Copies of these books on bibliographical citations and plagiarism are available to borrow from the Library.

Harvard Referencing - the basics video